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Looking for some group events?


We like to share our knowledge about makeup and application techniques as much as we can. In 2012, we started to offer workshops to the public with great success and have now come up with a class menu to help you choose the correct application techniques for you and your makeup questions. Gaylynne has been teaching makeup professionally for over 3 years at government acreddited college where she wrote the curriculum and now in her own studio as well as guest speaking engagements.


Take a look at our Classes Page and we can do a modified version of these as a workshop for group events such as stagette or bridal showers, team building or ladies nights or we offer ones specific to your makeup needs. In these workshops we will pull you up one by one to try a different technique on each person. A little mini makeover for everyone.


*These workshops run about an hour and a half and require a minimum 2 people.*



2 People  $50/ Person

3-5 People $40/ Person

$5-10 People $30/ Person


Some of our most popular workshops:


  • The Smokey Eye.

  • Contouring and strobing; how to contour and highlight.

  • Seasonal Makeup looks and trends.

  • Makeup and skincare for teens.

  • Makeup and skincarefor mature skins.





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