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Gaylynne Fell - Owner and Makeup Artist



Owner - Makeup Artist - Creative Director

Gaylynne has been a makeup artist across Canada and the United States for over 20 years and returned to Edmonton in 2004.Obtaining her makeup for film and television diplomas from Joe Blasco in Orlando Florida, and also Vancouver Film School she is well versed on the the many aspects of the industry. A love for special effects and editorial makeup has lead her to work with many photographers, designers, film crews and theater productions, showcasing her unique style and love of classic movie monsters as well as the beauty side of makeup.

She is also a Makeup Instructor; Gaylynne has been teaching makeup professionally for over 10 years both at private institutions and at government accredited colleges, in her own studio as well as guest speaking engagements. She also was the first instructor to create a curriculum and manage an Advanced Special Effects Makeup diploma program in the province of Alberta.

She is currently the owner and lead Makeup Artist/ Creative Director of The Makeup Art Space, a private makeup studio and retail store in Edmonton that exclusively sells her own brand of makeup; Gaylynne Fell Artistry Collection. She is also the Special Effects and Prosthetics Instructor at One Beauty Brands Edmonton Location -  Alberta Academy located in West Edmonton Mall.

She is also a member of IATSE Local 210.

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